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10 ways to engage with your clients

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Have you ever felt that you are on a roll and that nothing can stop you? Picture this your marketing is brilliant, your getting leads in left right and center, you're converting the leads to clients and then all of a sudden your like what now.

You've got this list of clients but what do you do, how do I engage with them, you've already done the hard work like email marketing, advertising getting to know them, telling them of your services and having the cash transferred to your bank account. What is the next step in the process, I wish someone had told me this before, learning the hard way is not always good for custom.

1. Make sure your content is the driving force of all engagements, remember, they gave you money as you can solve their problem.

2. Use Social Media for the purpose it is made for. To give value to your clients. Ask the client how they are getting on with the product or service and tailor that service/product to the response of the client as much as feasible.

3. Give so much value that no matter how much you charge it always seems as though you are giving more to the client than what they are paying for.

4. Create Custom content that addresses the clients burning questions

5. Hold events specific to your client's service or product. Examples would include Gamescon, Personal development tutorials, workshops, Live webinars and so.

6. Ask the client what they would like from you that has not already been agreed upon and try and make that happen, this ties in point 3 Giving value.

7. Scale your customer Budget Experience and have a documented content strategy. This means that don't spend all your budget on gaining customers but spend 30% on engaging with your clients.

8. Build a community, this is where you can use social media for its purpose, create private pages on FaceBook, Groups and allow discussion from the users to get answers from the community rather than always taking up your time.

9. Build deep emotional Rapport with your clients or in other words, create an emotional connection with your clients.

10. Send them free gifts on your anniversary. Do this for all your clients if you choose or the specific ones whom you actually love. Love all of them.

I hope the above has been useful, remember a bigmanmindset is all about broadening your mind.

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